The All This, Encapsulated

The All This, Encapsulated

Artificial Perdition.

We'll get to that and what it means eventually.

There are some who call me Tim. I was living a normal life until December 2022. That is when a monumental change occurred. I was struck in the side of the head in the temple behind my left eye with a heavy piece of steel.

My life has not been the same since.

I won't bore you with the bulk of the details, but it left me with something called Post-Concussion Syndrome. In short, I went from being a really strong 191cm beast who lifted 50 kg sacks like they were nothing, to winding up with two more serious concussions in short order that both knocked me out due to lingering effects due to a brain lesion from the initial head blow. These two concussions were on the back of the head and left me with more lesions. I now have vision problems and speech problems among a host of other issues that I never had before, and I now have to walk with a cane.

The giant was felled in a few short months.

Depression set in badly. I couldn't walk my 33.5kg dog. My wife, who was already overworked as a research scientist, had to take on all the housework, cooking and driving me to all of my weekly doctor and therapy appointments as my license to drive was suspended due to the loss of consciousness events.

I had entered the perdition phase of my life at 45 years old. This was not the mid-life crisis I was expecting. 

In case you don't know what perdition refers to, it is generally defined as "a state of punishment that goes on forever, even to be suffered after death." Its origination was a religious term and that is the context it is most used in. It is suffering for the wicked. 

My perdition is different. I am being punished by my brain which is working against me every day. It has cost me my career, my social life, my hobbies, my goals - almost everything I hold dear. I am not in eternal suffering; I am suffering in the now.

The artificial part comes with the ARTificial on this site. More on that with the next post. 

Thank you for your eyes.